Verizon's COLT

Yes, the NRA (National Rifle Association) is in town but this a COLT of an entire different caliber.

Verizon Wireless is bringing out its own pinch-hitter during the Cardinals’ 2012 season home opener to ensure that baseball fans in and around Busch Stadium won’t miss a call or have trouble sending others text, pictures or video highlights about the game.

The COLT (cell on light truck), or temporary cell site, enables Verizon Wireless to increase its network capacity, including 4G LTE, for voice and data transmissions during special events when increased network demand is expected. The COLT will add wireless voice and data capacity to the area while the Cardinals lineup against the Cubs.

This weekend will be one of the busiest ever downtown. The NRA convention, with a projected attendance of some 70,000 members, will be here until Sunday; the Blues are starting their play-off run against the San Jose Sharks; the Cardinals have their first home series against the Chicago Cubs; Cavalia is still performing just south of Busch Stadium and the GO! St. Louis Marathon will be held.

It will be hard to find another US city that will be as action-packed this weekend.  Have fun and please use MetroLink or Metro bus if possible.