Former mop factory on Park Ave and Dolman Street (Google image)

As reported by Tim Bryant of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the former Bouras Mop Co. building at 1322 Dolman Street was recently purchased by Apted Brothers  LLC, who announced to renovate and convert it into three floors of apartments with office space on the ground floor. This building sits at a significant location, right at the east entrance to Lafayette Square. It is highly visible from Truman Parkway, a main connector between downtown and I-44 and I-55.

View of the building looking west on Park Avenue (Google image)

View looking west on Truman Parkway (Google image)

Future parking lot north of the building (Google image)

Other recent developments in this area are Palladium, an event venue, and Climb so Ill, an indoor rock climbing venue, both situated one block East of Truman Parkway. Climb so Ill is part of the historic City Hospital complex and occupies the former Power Plant building. Palladium is located in the former laundry facility.

The former mop factory on Park Avenue and Dolman Street is one of the last “missing links” in the Lafayette Square area and will certainly make an impact, not only aesthetically but  by adding residents and businesses to the neighborhood.