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MX District is Transforming Washington Ave
The MX in downtown St. Louis

It’s been almost two years since the Washington Avenue skybridge between the old St. Louis Centre and the abandoned Dillard’s department store fell.  Since then, a lot has happened at the Mercantile Exchange (MX) district. Let’s take a look at the transformation that’s taken place on the eastern end of downtown’s entertainment strip. The famed Lindell Hotel once stood where [...]

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MX Development Lands Asian Restaurant
The MX in downtown St. Louis

 The St. Louis Business Journal reports that The Mercantile Exchange (MX) development has landed yet another tenant. Takaya New Asian Restaurant will be opening in the fall of this year. The restaurant will seat 120 in a 3,300 square foot space. Restaurant owner Eric Heckman, who operates Tani Sushi Bistro in Clayton will also provide food and beverage consulting for [...]

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Embassy Suites Opens on Washington
The Mercantile Exchange on Washington Avenue

A new Embassy Suites Hotel recently opened between 6th and 7th Streets on Washington Avenue. The Embassy Suites brand disappeared from downtown when the franchise on Laclede’s Landing became HoteLumière as part of Pinnacle’s Lumière Place Casino development. This new hotel under the Embassy Suites flag is strategically located on the east end of Washington Avenue, literally on top of the [...]

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Summertime Downtown Round-Up
Parties on the Plaza at the Old Post office

Usually a slow time, there is still a lot of development underway in downtown. As an example that real estate will still sell fast in downtown at the right price, Blu City Spaces sold 38 condos in 4 hours at a one-day auction last month and they’re now at more than 40 closings to go. Other developments that are nearing [...]

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After the Skybridge(s)

Now that all three projects secured financing, the upgrading of 600 Washington Tower (ex-One City Center), transformation of St. Louis Centre into 7th Street garage and the old Dillard’s building’s renovation into an Embassy Suites Hotel and residential apartments are now underway. With the first swing of the wrecking ball on Friday at 5PM, this critical area of downtown will [...]

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