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Poll: Is Increasing Sales Tax Acceptable?
Sales Tax Coin

Yesterday, posted my article (read it here) about MidAmerica and Lambert St. Louis Airports and their attempts to establish international cargo hubs. Included in this piece was the following: Recently, a bill was passed by the Missouri House of Representatives. A bill that had been quietly amended by Rep. Anne Zerr, (R) St. Charles. This amendment constituted a 0.1875% [...]

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A Bold Vision for The Bottle District
CODT impression

Several concepts have been proposed under the Bottle District moniker over the years. Now that the 17-acre site ¬†just north of the Edward Jones Dome will be sold to Paul McKee’s NorthSide Regeneration LLC (after last week’s swift and decisive approval of the deal by the Board of Aldermen) what will happen next? McKee and his investors have hinted at [...]

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Culinaria Reducing Hours a Good Idea?

UPDATE: Culinaria has reversed their decision to change their opening hours. The store’s opening hours will continue to be: 6AM – 10 PM daily. Correction: ¬† forum member Bprop pointed out that Culinaria currently still opens at 6AM, not 8AM. Option 4 can be ignored in the poll. Please keep voting. Let Culinaria know we care about our downtown store! [...]

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Panera or St. Louis Bread Co. ?

UPDATE: Panera answered our questions about Panera vs St. Louis Bread Co. This is what we wrote: In a recent poll we held on our website, 86% of voters were in favor of changing the name Panera Bread to St. Louis Bread Company, nationwide. Our question to Panera: “Why are your stores outside the St. Louis called Panera Bread and [...]

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Old Post Office Plaza Poll

What would be a good use of Old Post Office Plaza? (polls) Share

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Sephora Poll Closes at Noon

Over the past few weeks, we heard from a number of ladies that they would love to have Sephora in downtown St. Louis. What do you think? Would Sephora be a succesful addition to the downtown landscape? Vote! Share

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